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Making A Business A Company

Although there are many businesses that become limited companies, the decision to do is not made lightly as there are several rules and regulations that apply to limited companies but not to regular businesses. Freelance limited companies are to be under the control of a director who has, by law, certain tasks to perform among them being ensuring that all accounts are properly kept and filed in a timely manner, when they are due. Although a director may take a salary, often they choose to take a combination of salary and shares in the company. The owners are of course share-holders and although in some instances they are the only ones, other people may be invited to become share-holders. Neither the share-holders nor even the owners can remove money from the limited company which is known as a corporation, they can only receive money from the corporation, in the form of dividends by the director and the director can only issue dividends if the company is in profit. There are regulations though, that will allow for the owners of a limited company, to take loans from that company if they wished to. Any limited company must have a nominated secretary but if the company is small, perhaps with a single director, the director may nominate themselves as the secretary. Regardless of whether or not the director is the secretary, the secretary is the one held responsible for ensuring that all accounts are submitted to the correct authorities at the appropriate times, although of course, under the direction of the director when they are two separate people.

The accounts that need to be kept as a limited company may in some instances differ greatly from those kept as an independent business. All limited companies must complete accounting records in the same manner and strict regulations are therefore placed on exactly how those accounts must be kept. This not only enables any bankers or investors to easily understand any company’s accounts, it also ensures that the tax departments can as well. The two main accounting records that have to be kept are the balance sheet and the profits and loss account and both need to take into account wages, PAYE payments and of course any expenses the director may claim. Although it is the director that actually manages the company, what they may claim as expenses is strictly regulated by the relevant tax departments. As a corporation, a limited company is of course subject to corporate tax but if it makes certain purchases, it may also be subject to capital gains tax on properties and artwork.

Many business owners may consider at one time or other as to whether or not they should apply to become a limited company and although that is their own decision to make, no business owner should apply to become a limited company until they have read and understood all the implications it will have. One of the main reasons why a business may become a limited company is so that they can invite investors to become share-holders.

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Have Financial Support Later On

When you become older than you are right now or reach ages 60 and up, you’d most likely need more money for funding. That’s because it’s highly possible that your medical plus other kinds of expenses would increase in the future. Your body, later on, would become vulnerable to all sorts of things simply because it had been subjected to normal wear and tear throughout the years. With that in mind, you should look for ways wherein you could support yourself years from now. You should look for means that could be of assistance to you, as early as possible so that you could make yourself prepared. Despite that you may not have a concrete idea about what’s in store for you later, you should take note of the fact that there are things that typically happen to aged individuals or troubles that old people usually experience. For some preparations that you could make to assist yourself in the future, please continue reading.

As early as possible, you should save some of your earnings. Whatever you do in life, however you earn money, you should keep portions of your income so that you won’t end up being absolutely poor or miserable in the years to come. You should learn to save, even if the amount of money that you’re willing to keep periodically is small. To know how much you can store, you should make computations first. Calculate by knowing your exact net income. Once you already know what you have after responsibilities are paid, you could then decide just how much you’re going to keep wherever you feel is safe for you to store your money. Putting most of your money in the bank may be wise but you shouldn’t just keep everything that you have in one place. Also, you should do more than just rely on banking institutions. As much as possible, you should also learn how to invest or spend your resources wisely. After all, the value of currency depends on the economy. Though the value of your savings may not be much later on, because of inflation, you would at least be able to get things that may help you in different ways years from now when you’d put your money to good use.

If you want to, you could purchase things that are lucrative. Get those that are profitable so that you could earn income after you retire from work or in the event that you’d lose your job for whatever reason. If you’re good at selling, for instance, you could get a store or a real estate property that you could use for commercial purposes. Still, you could get some or at least one of those that could let you have profit and also enhance your quality of life. For example, you could get a house. When you’d have one, you would have a place where you could live for the rest of your life and an establishment that you could lease out or literally use as collateral for reverse mortgage. If you don’t quite know what the aforementioned mortgage strategy is, you could look for reverse mortgage guide online.

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Try To Invest Wisely

Although it may be true that using your money for investing is a wise decision, you have to understand that you have to utilize your resources wisely. Instead of putting all of your money in one place, you should diversify when you invest. That’s because you can’t be too sure about the things that you spent on so you should pay for multiple things just so you would have backup plans if every something goes wrong with some of your investments. Aside from that, when you spend, you should only take out a portion of your earnings or savings so that you would have some left for yourself. For safety, you should take this into consideration instead of gambling with your resources and putting everything that you’ve got in one thing. There are some more things that you have to bear in mind when you invest. For some more information that may be of assistance to your wise investing, please read on.

Besides spending only parts of your income or savings so that you could have investments, you should also spend on things that truly matter. Don’t get things just because you’d feel a whole lot better or happier when you have them. If you could, you should spend on those that are lucrative or those that have high value. When you buy those that could let you gain income, you could increase your earnings and have the privilege to invest more. Having those that are pricey can give you the chance to have those that you could sell later on when a time would come when you’d need money for emergency situations or other important matters. But, as much as possible, you should only get the things that you could truly take advantage of. Just because something is said to be profitable, it doesn’t mean that everybody can really gain money from it. If you could, you should settle for materials that could you could really use or benefit from. You could go for devices that you could use to start or maintain a business, to be specific. However, if you’re interested in getting pricey objects, make sure that you get those that you get those that gradually become more expensive as time goes by. One of the most practical things that you could buy that’s pricey and has a value that continues to increase is gold. Of all the precious metals, this one is the most practical to purchase because of the way that it’s seen by lots of people. But, before investing in it, you should know where to buy gold. There are lots of places where you could get some but not every piece of jewelry or golden object is made of pure gold.

You may also put your money in things that last for a long time and those that are very useful too. If you want to, you could buy a house for yourself because having one can give you the chance to have a permanent place where you could reside in. You could also get a car for yourself, if you’re interested.
You could really use these possessions to improve the quality of your life and you could have them sold later on for hefty sums of money.

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Help With Workplace Pension For Employers

Changes in the regulations of businesses that affect their employees can also be confusing to business owners. Many of the owners who are confused with the new regulations will turn to Accountants London based companies to help them cope or follow the regulations. One of the things that can cause confusion to the business owners is the workplace pension that should be given to their employees. It is starting to become mandatory and many business owners feel confused about it that leads them to panic.

Changes in the regulations state that the employers must be able to automatically enroll their employees for workplace pension when the summer of 2017 comes. This started first for big businesses but it has now been a rule for those who have small businesses too.

The Auto-enrollment Process

There has been a guide given to help on how to go through the auto-enrolment and at first it might seem fairly easy to do. The problem is when employers start to do it, they find out that there are lots of tabs that need to be filled up and it becomes confusing. For small businesses, it can be a bit easier for them to assess each employee to fit in a certain criteria. For other bigger businesses who have different employees who are offered fluctuating pay, international mobile work, zero hour contracts, and many other scenarios, it can be very confusing to do so.

Impact On Businesses

It would seem that big businesses can handle the minimum employer contributions that are required of them but for some of the small and startup businesses, the 1%-3% contribution can be too much. As you know every penny counts especially for startups that are still trying to make up for their loss. It is recommended by the Pensions Regulator that businesses should take a year before starting their staging date so that they can prepare properly. They know how complex the process is and how costly it can be. There are lots of things that you should consider to help make sure that you have a successful business and still provide your employees with what they deserve.

The Solution

The only way to make things successful is to assess the business and the budget properly. Accountants will just be there to help with the computations but they can’t do anything with how much should be paid for by the company. It is their hope that the amount needed for the companies to pay are low enough and would gradually increase as the business also blooms so that it wouldn’t hurt the business in the end. With the help of an accountant, the small businesses can know how much the impact of the costs are so that owners along with their financial team can form a plan or strategy to help the business grow and keep it from running out of money. Don’t be afraid of auto-enrollments or any other changes in the regulations. You can run to your accountants to help you understand them and create a great solution to it.

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Building Wealth

The trouble with saving money is that sometimes, although you may be saving money, that money is always decreasing in buying power. This means that after several years of saving you may have increased the amount of money that you have but, it can still only buy the same amount as it could before. However, if you were to save in something that increased in value as the buying power of money reduces; your savings really are beneficial. Knowing that, now look at the history of the value of gold. Yes the price of gold does fluctuate but not nearly as much as shares might and it continuously rises in value regardless of how well or bad the stock market may be doing. Gold is also valued in US Dollars and so as the dollar devalues, the price of the gold goes up meaning it maintains its original buying power at the very least.

So if you want to learn how to build wealth first look at gold savings. Karatbars International is an international company that can not only assist you in learning more about gold and transferring your savings into gold but can also advise you how you can make money by assisting others to do the same. One of the major reasons why a lot of people do not place their savings in gold is because they incorrectly believe that gold is something that only the rich can afford but that is not the case as there are many more people that could afford to buy gold if they only knew how. Gold is available to buy in quantities as small as 1gm which certainly makes it possible to buy by the vast majority of budgets. Once you have started by buying your first gram of course, you will be suitably impressed to want to keep buying more and before you know it your stock of gold has become substantial.

Probably one of the most important times that you would want to invest in something safe, such as gold, is when you are saving for your retirement years. Although for their retirement, many people depend on placing their savings on the stock market which can of course give back a very profitable reward, the problem is that investments in the stock market can also result in people losing all their savings. An example of this was seen in 2010 when, during the last financial crisis, many retires were left with barely $30,000 to show for a lifetime of saving. For these people, 76% of all retirees that year, if they had invested in old instead of the stock market, they would have still had the money they had expected to have for their retirement and so would have been financial secure for their later years.

Today there is an opportunity to not only save in gold but also to make extra money whilst doing so. The fact that that extra money will also be in gold, is of course icing on the cake, making for an opportunity that must at least be worth looking at.

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Are You Looking For Voice Over Talent?

When it comes to marketing or producing marketing materials; it is very important that you will be able to capture your audience’s attention with them. This will somehow ensure that your target audience will get the message as to how important what you are marketing is and will allow them to follow what your marketing push is or maybe make them purchase or avail of the product or service that you are marketing.

In order to achieve the above mentioned goal; a lot of people tend to use a wide variety of gimmicks in order to catch the attention of their target market. When it comes to promotional materials; probably one of the most effective would be to produce a video that advertises the product or idea that you are trying to push to people. What’s great about a video is that it combines, sound and moving imagery, making it a very effective marketing tool when used properly.

Now despite the video being a very effective way to spread the word about what it is that you are trying to sell or promote; you will still want to make sure that your video is as easy to grasp as possible in order for it to be effective.

Probably one of the best ways for your video to be easily understandable would be to incorporate a voice over in your video which will guide your intended audience into the introduction of the video. The voice over can even act as the narrator or guide throughout the duration of the video that you are trying to make.

Due to the important role of the voice over; you will want to make sure that it is done right as it can break the whole feel and substance of the video if the voice over work done is subpar.

To ensure that the voice over for your promotional material is done properly you will want to be able to browse through voice over agent jobs and look for professionals who will be able to provide you with the best voice over work possible.

If you are looking for top quality services in the US or UK then is the website to visit. You can say that the website is one of biggest hubs for voice over talent all over the world.

To use, all you need to do is to audition the various voice actors and actresses that are available in the website. What’s great about this is that you will be able to hear the voice of the professional voice actor and decide if it is the kind of voice that you will want for your promotional material. Once you have picked the voice talent that you will want to work with, simply make the necessary payments and the voice over professional that you have chosen will most likely do the voice over script that you have prepared, record it and once done, all that you will need to do is to download the voice over file and incorporate it to the video that you have done, making the whole professional voice over process easy and convenient.

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Pointers For Having An Effective Employee Hotline

Different employees have different characteristics and values. Although most have the decency to loyally work for you, there are some who act well in front of you while they steal from you behind your back. Most of the time, you wouldn’t be able to catch them with their evil deeds because they do it when you are not around. The only witnesses they have are their co-employees. Now even if your other employees don’t like what they are doing and working with them, they can’t do anything because of fear of what the thieving employees would do to them. They could also fear that their jobs would be in jeopardy because you might think that they are also doing what they are reporting.

Many call those who report their co-employees to their employers. whistleblowers or those who just want to look better than others in their employer’s eyes. The consequences of being a whistleblower are varied and many. Some receive threats, are hurt and their properties damaged by the unlawful coworker.

Employers know that there is something bad that might happen to their employees if they told on someone that is why they have also developed a way for their employees to do this in a safer way. Sometimes, stealing isn’t the only problem that you can face with your employees. There might be some who use drugs during work. This can lead to serious injury especially if they handle machines. This will later result to you being sued because your employee got hurt.

It is important that you maintain an open line of communication with your employees. If they can’t directly go to you, you can set up a number that they can call anonymously to report anything wrong in the workplace. When they do, make sure that you check and do your investigation. Here are a few tips on setting up an employee hotline.

  • Confidential And Anonymous – You have to make sure that whoever calls isn’t named and whatever they tell you remains a secret. Assuring your employees that they can report anything anonymously can help them have the strength to make that call. Don’t ask them their names but just listen to what they have to say.
  • Outsource – A great way to make sure that no one identifies them as the caller is to outsource. In a small company, or even a large one, there are instances when you know the voice of a person. Those who received the call might have hunches on the identity of the caller due to their voice. When you get outside service, the agents who receive the call wouldn’t know who called. Most of those who offer this service are professionals and they know how to deal with these calls.
  • Remind Them Of The Hotline – New employees or even the older ones might not realize that this line exists so you should always make sure that they know about it. Whenever there are meetings, make sure to mention it. You can also post this notice on the board where they look at their schedule. You may also give out fliers about it to your employees to let them know about it.
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Do You Need To Have A Registered Agent For Your Business In Virginia?

If you are planning to have a business in the state of Virginia in the US then you definitely have made a good business decision. What’s great about the state of Virginia is that compared to other state; the market in this state is not too crowded yet which can put your business to be in a much better position to flourish.

Now having a business in Virginia or any state for that matter will require that you comply with a number of rules that the US government has set. One of these rules is that your business will need to have a registered agent in the state of Virginia with an address or office that is within the state as well.

Having a registered agent is not optional and is a requirement. Failure to maintain a registered agent in the state will mean the termination of your business permit to operate in the given area.

Now why is a registered agent needed? What is its function for your business? A registered agent is an individual who will be the one responsible to receive formal notices to your business, which includes lawsuits and complaints regarding the products and service that your business may have. This is definitely very important and that you will want to make sure that the registered agent that you pick is reliable and will inform you of any notices without fail. This is because legal notices and complaints; when not acted up, even if without the knowing of the recipient, can lead to a default court decision which will most definitely be not in favor of your company.

Also, a registered agent will be the one responsible for receiving the annual registration forms sent by the SCC and that if these are submitted late; can result in fines for your business or can also mean the termination of your business permit.

Now in Virginia; there are a lot of firms that offer registered agent services. Of the many ones that you can hire for your company; is the website that you will want to visit if you are looking for the best Virginia registered agents .

One of the main reasons for you to pick the service is that it is one of the longest running registered agent service available in the State of Virginia. This means that they are highly experienced in handling these legal documents and that their length in the business is testament to how reliable they can be.

Another reason why you will want to pick the service is the fact that you will be able to acquire their registered agent service through online means, which makes dealing with the service highly convenient and will take only a very small amount of your precious time.

Probably one of the biggest reasons why you will want to go with the service is that the company offers their highly reliable service at competitive if not highly affordable costs which means that you will be able to save a lot of funds with this registered agent service, especially in the long run.

Business Cards Information: Marketing Your Business The Effective Way With A Business Card Read more

Business Cards Information: Marketing Your Business The Effective Way With A Business Card

If you are a businessman or an entrepreneur then you have to know that there are many different ways by which you can promote your business the effective way. One of the best marketing tools which are being used by many businessmen worldwide is a business card. This kind of card contains all the necessary information of you and your business as well thus, making it as one of the most important and necessary requirements of a successful business. Most of the time, a business card is common handed out to others during formal meetings in order to provide a memory aid in the future. The following are the most common pieces of information which can be found printed on a business card: name of the business owner, company logo, company affiliations, physical address, fax and telephone numbers, email address and website.

The Traditional Business Card

During the early days when business cards have become known, these pieces of marketing tools were usually made of paper and commonly printed in black for their texts. As time passed by and so with the look and material where business cards are made from. Modern professional cars usually come with various types of visual designs and are commonly made of plastic. The introduction of these kinds of business cards have simply affected the business world the positive way because people who have received such cards will have something to use when they decide to contact a business and avail the products or services it offers. Aside from the appealing looks of these cards, essential business cards information is simply encapsulated in order for other people to have something to ponder to when they need something in the future.

The Introduction of Electronic or Online Business Cards

In the present days, more and more people are using computers and the internet when it come to the realization of their endeavors such as the ones that have something to do with communication, business and commerce and more. The use of these technological breakthroughs has actually opened new doors of advancement particularly when it comes to the marketing strategies and options of many businessmen and entrepreneurs worldwide. The use of online business cards is simply one of the most impressive results of using a computer and the internet.

What is an Online Business Card?

Business cards information An online business card is a virtual card where the information pertaining to you and your business are printed. Compared to a traditional card, an online business card will not look exhausted due to constant use. It is also space-saving and is far cheaper than traditional cards and is commonly sent via emails and other types of communication which are utilized with the aid of a computer and the internet. Moreover, the use of online cards also gives you the opportunity to take part to the massive campaign of the world in terms of environmental protection and conservation.

For you to be able to learn more business cards information, take the time to visit Print Penguin today!

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Narrowing Down Your Selection Of Voice Actors

If you’ve even set a digital toe on the latest voice over artists websites that google will throw up at you if you search for voice talent, you’ll know that the field is huge. It can seem like an impossible task to shrink that complexity down to the person you actually need. How on earth will you ever get it right? From big agencies with huge books to the world of freelance, it seems impossible.

By using these tips, you will, however, succeed!

Tip one: The Person.

Who do you want for this project? Very few roles will actually need you to pick a race- doing so will likely speak more to your prejudices then the script. However, having an idea about whether the character needs to be male or female may help you sort. If an accent is required, that’s another sorting category. Whatever the ideas in your head for working towards the conclusion of the project, let them guide you and help you put together your criteria for the voice.

Tip two: The script.

Audition using the actual script. Especially if there’s foreign words or jargon. That way, you’ll know who has a handle for your actual project, and who can just do their demo stuff well. If you want to be kind, give them the pronunciations [you should certainly always do this once you've hired and ae working on the actual project] but, for a short audition, seeing who looked up or enquired about the pronunciation can be a valuable indicator of who prepares and who doesn’t. You’ll get a good sense of what your project will sound like, and be able to weed through some of the competitors.

Tip three: The place.

Make your life sane again. Pick one agency, or one freelance portal, and stick with it. Remember the old adage about the grass being greener? Don’t drive yourself insane trying to find that proverbial perfect lawn. Whichever you choose, stick with it and find the right person. You’ll still get a host of great people to choose from- without driving yourself to the brink while doing so. Yes, there’s a ton of voice artists out there, but chances are nothing about your project needs you to listen to every single one of them before you pick. Getting a good selection will be more than enough for all but the most finicky project.

Tip four: Enough is eventually enough.

Do you have an instinctive reaction to a voice? It’s usually a good idea to go with it. Don’t be tempted to look and look and look….if a voice strikes you as ‘the one’, leave it there and go with them. Even before then, look for a top 3 or at most a top 5. Don’t let your potential lists overwhelm you. If you’re getting ear fatigue, bring in a colleague to listen to the top picks and let them guide you to your final choice of artist.

Getting the right voice for your project may sound like a mission, but it’s easy with a little discipline and common sense.